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GDPR: File Under Compliance

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The GDPR affects all areas of personal data storage and legal experts believe that paper documents are too often overlooked by organisations.

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File Under Compliance is a detailed, easy-to-digest guide to the legal and technical aspects of handling paper documents that contain personal data. It features expert insight from KYOCERA’s legal counsel and corporate compliance team as well as offering practical advice for managing and securing printed and digital records.

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Regulation guidelines simplified

For many companies, the pressure is now on to make the necessary changes to the way in which they operate and manage risk to ensure they abide by the new regulations.

KYOCERA Document Solutions explores topical information to help gear your organisation up for GDPR.

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Document security under GDPR - a legal perspective

The GDPR's introduction will see one of the largest changes to privacy legislation in Europe’s history. Eureka spoke to Martijn van der Wel, an experienced independent legal counsel and GDPR expert, to get his perspective on the legal implications of the GDPR

Data security is everyone's business 

GDPR, set to come into effect on May 25, 2018, impacts all areas of a business, from leadership and legal to human resources and product development. Eureka spoke to Evgenia Baydikova, Product Manager for Cost Control, Security and Network Device Solutions at KYOCERA Document Solutions Europe, to understand how GDPR affects the product journey from inception to delivery.